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Un film russe à voir en famille avec en star Cheburashka qui a émerveillé l’enfance de toute une génération !

La Séance
Samedi 4 février • Hollywood 2 • Montreux • 14H30• Russe sous-titré anglais

Séance supplémentaire !
Mercredi 8 février • Hollywood 2 • Montreux • 18H00 • Russe sous-titré anglais

What if Cheburashka really exists? What if he is not a plush toy, but quite a real furry animal that lives in an orange grove in a distant country? What if he finds himself in a small town by the sea and meets an uncommunicative old man who does not need him at all, meets a little boy who cannot speak, and his mother, who makes amazing chocolate, meets a strange aunt who wants to buy it and give it to her unsympathetic granddaughter, and many, many other people.